Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Movement in Blue_Final Piece

Movement in Blue

Process as Concept, or Idea...

Movement in Red_Final Pieces

Photographed movement from movement painting...

Movement in Red

The objective of this excercise was to capture movement.
By creating five A1 colour paintings using marks made with brushes, hands, cloth, sponges etc.

Still Life in Colour

Objective: to create still life in three perspectives. A1 cartridge using acrylic, hard pastel and charcoal in COLOUR

Black and White Still Life

Objective: BLACK AND WHITE to create still life in three perspectives. A1 cartridge using acrylic, hard pastel and charcoal

Monday, January 4, 2010

Introduction to Drawing - Mark Making

Mark Making - using pattern reptition,
Acrylic, pen, ink, pastels, finger painting, you name it...

Introduction to Drawing - Pen and Ink

Ink work - masks

Kinda enjoy this sort of thing... when I get a chance I'll like to spend a bit of time working on a few more of these...

A2, pen, ink and brush

Introduction to Drawing - Digital Camera is King!

Photographic Reference - many of my work and reference is documented by using a digital camera. Urban art taken from James St. Brisbane...

Introduction to Drawing - Everyday

Cheery colours, yes?

A1, charcoal, gouache on, newspaper and pastel paper collage

Introduction to Drawing - portrait reflection

A1 - portrait reflection
Charcoal, acrylic, bw study

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Introduction to Drawing - Street Art on James St

Part of the course is about research and text - I researched artists using Text (e.g. Lesley Dill) in their artwork, and found a whole bunch of urban artists in and around the Brisbane area.... this piece is taken from various photographs collaged together from the James Street graffiti walls...

Other excellent artists to look out for are Banksy, and Shepperd (OBEY)...

Introduction to Drawing - Body Prints

Examples from my Introduction to Drawing course, part of the BAVA (Bachelor of Visual Arts).
Very messy but fun - full body prints on six A1 cartridge pieces... manipulated in Photoshop.