Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Materiality of Paint_1

Experimenting with acrylic, water and treated paper, letting natural form occur.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Materiality of Paint_Visual Diary

Visual Diary

Spent a couple of days experimenting with paint as a substance in my visual diary. Not really for long tho', I decided to jump right in and get onto paper and experimenting on a larger scale. The objective is to experiment with mark making - singular marks, opaque, transparent, thick and textured, dry or wet. I am investigating artists such as Antonio Tapies, so I'm getting a few ideas on how to move forward with texture as a medium in the next pieces.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Materiality of Paint

This semester we are looking at Materiality of Paint... I've decided to work in acrylic, instead of oils... I'm such a messy painter, I don't think I'd ever get oils out of my hair, not to mention walls, floors, clothes, coffee cups... I'll give it a go at a later stage.

Domestic Spaces_WIP

Putting the work in context - John Citizen uses an idea of 'popular demand' living in his paintings of Domestic Spaces...

The 1950's brought about change in how the home was laid out, for comfort and 'maintenance'... DIALOGUE:: "Honey, the boss is coming for dinner", and the wife sets into action, cleaning, preparing and making her modern domestic space the envy of all her friends... lovely

Domestic Spaces_WIP

I'm a big fan of Cindy Sherman's work - she photographed herself playing 50's actresses in 50's backdrops - there is something very superficial about her photographs, which is an idea she seemed portray in much of her work... I believe it was to do with the artificiality of it all: the ideals we get from film, advertising, personal choice etc. So, I'm hoping to experiment with some of her ideas and take the photographs I have and make a catalogue out of them. Domestic spaces is about 'comfortable living' - production line pleasure... the five minute meal, the daily news fed to you while you eat your dinner in front of the tv, iron your clothes, relax in your 'custom' surroundings.

1. Untitled I /pink
2. Untitled II /comfort
3. Untitled III /fittings

Domestic Spaces_visual diary

The concept is Domestic Spaces -

ANSWERS.COM::: Before the Industrial Revolution, the home was both a productive and reproductive space. With the growth of the middle classes came the middle class concept of a public/private split; housework and childcare were seen as the sacred duty of a wife and mother, and the home was a private refuge. Such notions persist: ‘breaking up the home’ is seen as a serious transgression for a woman, while aggressive and brutal men have been treated more leniently by the courts if their violence was ‘domestic’.

The home as a distinct, and private, space, is produced not only through capitalist and patriarchal reproduction, but by the inhabitants; through their belongings—from forks to family photographs—and how they choose, store, and display them.


My garbage mandala - I'm a fan of Andy Goldsworthy's environmental art. So, I have a few ideas about how I'd like to work on and present my mandalas. I photographed all my collected articles (keeping some of this stuff would stink way too much), so over the next few weeks I'll be putting into practise some of my ideas... It's called Nirvana and Macdonalds.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Collections - all items found on street corners and documented

<1> a rare find
<2> For all the Most Important Things you Wear
<2> used = clean + broken

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Collections_Visual Diary and Ideas

I recorded each find and took a fair few photos of each object... my favourites - the ciggie box called 'ultimate happiness', the bottle in the paper bag, and the used condom packet...

I began experimenting with my photos in Photoshop and came up with a mandala idea... make the city junk, look beautiful. I also wanted it to look like clean living advertisements you get to flip through in glossy magazines, if you're so inclined.

Collections_Visual Diary

More about Portia Munson - femanist, environmentalist - she has my vote. Strong woman with beautiful ideals and concepts. I was at this stage, deciding how to depict my 'collection', which was collected garbage found on corners on the streets of Brisbane Fortitude Valley... food wrappers, used: shoes, head dress, clothing (underwear - clean mind you). Some of the items didn't make the final pieces, but I have enough photographic reference to last until my next garbage stint....