Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Domestic Spaces_WIP

I'm a big fan of Cindy Sherman's work - she photographed herself playing 50's actresses in 50's backdrops - there is something very superficial about her photographs, which is an idea she seemed portray in much of her work... I believe it was to do with the artificiality of it all: the ideals we get from film, advertising, personal choice etc. So, I'm hoping to experiment with some of her ideas and take the photographs I have and make a catalogue out of them. Domestic spaces is about 'comfortable living' - production line pleasure... the five minute meal, the daily news fed to you while you eat your dinner in front of the tv, iron your clothes, relax in your 'custom' surroundings.

1. Untitled I /pink
2. Untitled II /comfort
3. Untitled III /fittings

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