Sunday, June 3, 2012

Textures in the Day

All is visually rich. Beautiful. From concrete, to flowers, string, wood, metal  etc. From shop windows, to building sites, to galleries...

There's nothing better than taking time out to look at your environment. Really look: textures, colours, forms, patterns, shades, shadows, everything stimulates.

Today I took a trip from home to the Gallery of Modern art... my reference photos (some below) were taken on the way there, very few come from the gallery itself. In a way, a gallery shows you what is thought provoking or 'attractive', whilst travelling through the streets, past building sites, or shop windows, you have to find the beauty yourself. The thing about urban design today (especially in Brisbane), is that these elements are consciously incorporated, not just with mirrors and glass, but in every metal stud, piece of string, hole in a board or concrete slab. I need to do a photoshoot just of concrete. It's an amazingly creative 

The visual make up of most objects, or the aesthetic often doesn't come from the colour or lack of colour, but from the use of light and shadow, which is reflected up on refracted from it's surface or the way surfaces are incorporated like glass and plastic, to creat something like a moth dance or spinning concrete.

I love shadows and reflections - second hand textures I call them - not in a derived or unoriginal way, but in an artfully 'reusable' way. Even the way colours change in certain lighting, adds to the experience of form and tone.

I'm taking some of these beautiful textures, and I'm going to explore them further...