Sunday, April 18, 2010

Shape and Form_1

Using a palette knife and quick strokes, I wanted to capture the mood of the shapes in three or four quick strokes... I think in total with the background, I did this in five... I know in later exercises we do this - capturing the 'essence' of something in just a few strokes...
(1) acrylic and palette knife on canvas
(2) - (4) focussing more on form here - painting with acrylic on polistyrene... more form and background - the background is just as important as the foreground in this exercise -negative shape can be a relief to a busy composition...
(5) Finally - using a thick paintbrush, I experimented with creating line work to define the form. Worked on a white bground with a block stamp to give noise to the bacground... the objective is to let the background be just as informative as to the mood I was trying to create with these pieces as the foreground.

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