Thursday, December 2, 2010

Printing_Multi-plate and Artists Book_4

I chose a decayed industrial powerhouse because of it's urban texture and feeling. I have always wanted to photograph the location, and felt the book would be suitable as an installation in this area. There are two rooms which have been abandoned, but maintained by the Powerhouse, Brisbane. I did have to ask permission to photograph here, and so I had three hours, to go in, construct the installation, move it from the one room, to the next room, and then remove the installation, wrapping the pages in their book cover.

The concrete textures, with the wood and brick decay lend themselves well to the textures I have tried to print in my course. I enjoyed the wire around the concrete and wanted all these experiences to be in my book.

The location also has a painted circular formation in front of it, which always gives me a sense of 'urban ritual', which is why I incorporated it into the opening and closing of the book.

The weather was a big factor, I needed good weather to be able to shoot outdoors – but I was prepared to let the pages get wet in the process. I felt that any experience the pages had would be part of the overall process of the book.

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