Wednesday, March 2, 2011


“Changing the River”

Intervention - recording time and space

Looking at change within my site, by adding elements; glass and architects board used in previous example.

Changes over King Tide – photographic diary of a day with glass, thread, board and pins

With the intention of change in mind, I visited my site and carried out 2 installations. Both capture time and space, and represent the changes experienced by river through man's intervention, and nature's continuations.

With Glass, Thread, the architects board, used in the Dimensional Map exercise, I took my aerial map to the site constructed the same formation in hard mud.... my intention was to explore the parable of houses built on sand vs. Houses built on solid ground. I changed the installations to suit my needs, as in the first installation took place in the hardened mad of the mangroves and the second installation took place at the river's edge of the same location.

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