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Portia Munson

Portia Munson is a painter, sculptor and installation artist, whose works are based on her own practice of collecting. Her most famous work the Pink Project was created out of her endless collection of discarded objects, all of which are varying shades of pink – she continues this theme of gender and societal representation, in the Green Project and Garden Project. “Munson is drawn to color and the cultural connotations it brings: pink for girls, blue for boys, green for anything having to do with nature, etc.” (

Her paintings are of still life set-ups of these collected plastic items, but does not use painting alone to express her ideas. Through installations and sculptures her ideas are enlarged, arranged, and built up over time. Munson uses the imagery of her installation in a completely different way to Noble and Webster, but her message is still very clear – our culture has an obsession with consumption.

Her brightly coloured prints of collections of flowers in a mandala fashion, again, have varied levels of appeal. From the choice of flower to the choice of bright arrangement and photography, we are reminded of a different era...

In her words: “I see beauty in ordinary things and I think what I'm always trying to do is I feel like my work is a success when it is beautiful, but I'm always trying to get at the deeper meaning of objects and look at the underside. It's successful for me when it's beautiful but also disturbing in a constructive sense -- revealing.
Finding items of (visual) interest and then thinking about how they best lend themselves to her desire to portray feminist and environmental issues...

Pink Project, 1994, detail,
Installation of found
pink objects,
Courtesy of the artist.
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at 7:00 pm on 17/02/2010

“Green Piece; Lawn” excerpt, Historical Materialism
2003-ongoing; size variable Downloaded from at 7:00 pm on 17/02/2010

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