Thursday, February 25, 2010

Conceptual Art Ideas_Intersection & Earthworks

EARTH WORKS: I documented road signs around the area which represented the word INTERSECTION, and looked at natural items in the park I could use to make up these sym-bols as part of the park environment. Many images required little to no intervention, whilst some was a case of moving objects around the site to achieve the meaning I required.

Many images captured the intersection between three items, without having to manipulate the environment. Many of these ‘found’ objects naturally made up the park, such as cement tiling, intersecting on pathways, the sundial creation etc.

For 'Urban Intersection', I experimented in Photoshop, using ‘human intervention’ to create meaningful artwork. Digitally, significant changes, but used to stress the meaning of ‘intersection’, representing park and not the use of digital manipulation.

<1> Urban Intersection
<2> Natural/Manmade Intersection

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