Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Material and Conceptual Investigations_9

My intention was to explore materiality and how my experiences of the Brisbane River changed over time.

I visited my site each weekend over a five week period, from the week of the 2011 January floods until now. Each visit resulted in different outcomes, depending on what information I had involved myself in that week, or issues I'd encountered at or around the site over the five week period.

My intention with these photographs was to plot a site - the Brisbane River - and to photograph changes in the river's edges, textures, shadows and tides over time.

I also took this opportunity to explore concepts of 'materiality/non-physical' materiality, experimenting with techniques and methods of getting across the concept of man vs. nature... mostly the nature of nature. Nature is continuous, no matter what man made 'intervention' is constructed in its path.

Over the five weeks, I experimented with projections, digital capturing of experiences and natural change, as well as sewing, gathering/assemblage, installations and poetry.

 - Mary Burns Bnsbane: whither art thou? - - The Discovery of the Brisbane River.
John Oxley's Missing Journal of 1823. - When WooUoongabba was Wattle- Scented. BY CHAS. MELTON. 1918
Linking Heritage – Up, Down and Around the Brisbane River (A Contextual History) by Dr Rod Fisher (Consultant Historial) June 2007

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