Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Site_2_Dimensional Map_Initial Investigations

Initial Investigations - Dimensional Map

Again, the idea of reflection and shadow came up as something I wanted to experiment with, but this time in a sort of 'removed' fashion.... I wanted to start with a 3dimensional 'architectural rendering' of the Brisbane River... the materials were initially architects board/foam board, pins, thread, wire and electrical tape.

My influences are James Coburn, Louise Forthun, Mark Datodi and Diana Thater for this exercise.

I visited the NASA website and found mapped data for the 2011 floods @ 4.25m (roughly what it reached) and used my photographs of blocks of apartments - mostly the apartments that were affected - and created the 'data' I found of the flood and information found in a white paper of 'The Aesthetics of living on the Brisbane River'...

I intend to experiment with projection to map the nature, interventions, contradictions etc., keeping with the theme of exercise 1.

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