Monday, June 20, 2011

Material and Context - extended colour exploration

White - monochromatic variations

I found researching a particular artist often lead me to a larger group of interest. I felt it was difficult to state with this project that any one artist influenced a singular piece. For example, Alexander Calder, Marcel Duchamp, as well as Nike Savvas and others influenced my thoughts on how I wanted to represent Time and Space on most of the pieces....

For Form
Duchamp's use of glass and Savvas/Calder's use of kinetics their works often come up in the pieces I've made. Transparent perspex in Ex. 3, Project 3, was an idea from Duchamp's 'Bride Stripped Bare'. The incorporation of 'happenstance' and spontaneity (as seen with Jessica Stockholder's work) affected the creating of 'White' (Ex.1, Project) came about after I'd explored 4-5 colours, and decided on a site. Only then did I set myself rules for choosing materials and giving myself 4 hours to make it in... this allowed a certain amount of performance and spontaneity to stay in the pieces, which I feel I often lack with final works.

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