Monday, June 20, 2011

Materiality and Context - resolved colour

White -

So, I thought I'd put my resolved piece up.
I found this particularly challenging, because I had set myself a few rules to a. move away from
colours and 'choices' I would usually make and b. I had fixated on a site I wanted my piece to be
hanging, so I hoped even as 'white' it would stand out and represent time and space (influences Alexander Calders kinetic sculptures).
The thing I found most challenging about white, was the portrayal of motion, along with texture and form... Texture that complimented the cement/industrial surroundings I saw the white piece in.
The other thing that I realised was how 'bride' like or 'timeless' the introduction of white and transparency was when I photographed the piece. I had added a few bars of music in the original dress, and they fell down during the photographing of the piece, so I decided to cut the 'dress' off the mobile, and I suppose I found myself quoting 'Bride Stripped Bare' by Marcel Duchamp, which has
got to be one of my favourite pieces of all time. There is a sort of 'happenstance' about this piece which I have always battled to achieve, so with 'White', I attempted something similar.

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