Monday, August 22, 2011

Materiality - Initial Investigations I

What is Materiality?
"... The words material and materiality carry ambivalent meanings in vernacular English. On the one hand, material is defined as "things that are material," which emphasizes the physical aspect of things; on the other hand, it means "(in various non-physical applications) something which can be worked up or elaborated, or of which anything is composed." The second definition can be better understood through its relationship to the first definition that, again, can be differentiated into two major meanings: 1) something material is that which "pertains to a matter as opposed to form"; 2) that which "pertains to matter or body; formed or consisting of matter; corporeal." [1] Thus, although material designates physical matter, it also assumes potential from its association with non-physical matter." (

My first thoughts revolved around two concepts, 1. of being immaterial and 2. of the material.... I watched moths fly towards a light one night and decided this would be an interesting way to think about 'immaterial' - everchanging, intangible because it acts as a sort of 'verb' for the nound - material. The second was something more corporeal - a bark tree I passed every day. The bark changed each day, and although I couldn't figure out how to use this concept without it being an obvious 'material', I investigated the concept of 'materiality in decay' surrounding the everchanging nature of well, nature....

Investigations into Light/Shadow, Reflection
The corporeal that is 'elusive' - light/shadow, reflections, and decay, whereas bark was a 'quantifiable' matter, so it was beneficial to explore.

What lead me to investigate light as a medium - an exhibition (Lumia - art light in motion) I'd seen and then how light and shadow exists as a reflection across a surface, or movement or shadow could alter the meaning of a light...

Photos - the 'everyday'.... urban investigations

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