Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sculpture: Material and Conceptual Investigation

READY-MADES III - Time and Space

So, as a final experiment I set myself a few rules for the Time and Space concept. I knew the final photos had to represent the idea of elevation, space and how time reacts with/out motion (try both).

I chose to use six materials only - I chose perspex (transparency), feathers (light and weight), balls of various sizes and weights (sinker, polystyrene), tape and black paint.

Artists worth looking into, in terms of how they represent texture, colour and space (in the form ready mades or other)....

Man Ray - avantgarde photography and wonderful ready-mades
Marcel Duchamp - exploration of ready-mades
Nike Savvas - contemporary, great representation of space (including sound - it's a complete sensory experience)
Portia Munson - colour collection, creative use of ready-mades to tell a story and incredibly space exporation

I found researching a particular artist often lead me to a larger group of interest. I felt it was difficult to state with this project that any one artist influenced a singular piece. For example, Alexander Calder, Marcel Duchamp, as well as Nike Savvas and others influenced my thoughts on how I wanted to represent Time and Space on most of the pieces....

Duchamp's use of glass and Savvas/Calder's use of kinetics their works often come up in the pieces I've made. Transparent perspex in (this exercise), was an idea from Duchamp's 'Bride Stripped Bare'. The incorporation of 'happenstance' and spontaneity (as seen with Jessica Stockholder's work) affected the creating of most of my pieces, for this section.

The photographs were influenced by Man Ray, I've tried not to manipulate them, instead experimenting with filters on the camera and reflections from the perspex, along with natural light and limited exposures.

I'm not sure how successful the outcome is, but the experimentation was very beneficial, in terms of how I can use the camera to experiment with black and white, to find depth (time&space) as well as being a good investigation of weight and how colour influences that. Example the balls - black painted ball, is actually the lightest in terms of weight, but when painted black, 'visual weight' is added. And the feathers - various tones of grey - don't seem to enforce the idea of 'as light as a feather'... many investigations were done here.... documented in my visual diary.

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