Monday, August 22, 2011

Materiality - Initial Investigations II

Investigations into Bark - progression to decay - detritus...
This was an interesting journey... over 3 weeks, almost daily, I gathered pieces of bark that had fallen from the tree, and took them home. I preserved what I could and over time I photographed the bark.

Bark - connotations (material and immaterial) paper, nature, redevelopment, change, skin, removal etc. It smells like musk and wet and dry and ants... it feels dry and fragile. It can be pinned, sewn, glued, broken, etc. which I find very appealing.

My initial photography of decay was in the form of 'urban' situations - street, concrete, graffiti. I didn't want my final piece to be as directed as 'urban decay' - although this is one of my areas of interest. So the concept of taking Bark and moving away from reflections/light and urban decay was my solution to this.

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Philip Verghese'Ariel' said...

HI Tanya,
Great Idea Indeed.
Great Work Too
Well Done.
made and
well captured
Keep Posting
Best regards