Wednesday, September 29, 2010


The Idea of Transformation in Print -

the changes to an image recorded

I incorporated a few new methods and ideas into my work last night, which I'd like to touch on...

1. I thought of expanding the mask to add the dance mask - African myth sets rhythm as the creator of life... the world. And so the dance masks are incredibly elaborate with zoomorphic, pattern and female figures carved into the wood.

2. I took a look at dance masks and scribbled a few in my visual diary. I found that an 'automated' drawing of the masks worked well with the rhythm theme.

3. Tracing the general outline of the image done in the visual diary and adding a few of my own 'pattern' interventions... transformation of form and ideas just suit this area of creativity.
I took the traced image and using the transfer drawing method I again drew on top of the tracing paper, tracing the 'scribbled outline' onto a printed sheet...

4. I then began to experiement with the form in a sort of additive and subtractive method on the glass and came up with the final two images (last one being the 'ghost' print)... they weren't incredibly successful because I wasn't replenishing the ink from the first drawn transfer, but the scraping and painting on the glass certainly gave me additional technique ideas... I am really looking forward to working into these images.


Another area I started looking into, when going into the history of printing, was medieval iconography... I thoroughly enjoyed the Western/Religious symbolism, and found that coming through some of the transfer drawing method prints:

Rhythm and Dance, Transfiguration = Dualism and Mystery, Fetish 'traditional' vs. Fetish 'new' = Fertility and Nature vs. Plastic Sexuality,

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