Sunday, September 5, 2010


Book Making_Prac 1
Prac_2 found here: new books new experiments

New course, new possibilities, expectations and old themes: 'Transformations'... the theme I used in my last painting class is being continued in this course. It's an exciting theme to explore, and one I don't think I fully explored with the painting...

I am keen to examine the word and its meanings over again and well, transform my previous ideas of Transformation...

We've started by making a Visual Diary this time rather than buy more books to fill. I've decided to go for the A4, mix and match of paper approach - graph paper, with plain white papre, tracing paper and layout papers. I've also snuck in a few of my first painting courses 'experimentations', because they're great foundations to draw over.

I had a go with the first one, and somehow managed to use way too much glue, so while I waited for that to dry, I had a go at a second one.... In total, I landed up with three, and what I found was each time I experiemented, it got a bit better.

What a great way to keep everything together, the books aren't thick enough that they get in the way of drawing or writing, and I get to mix and match the papers I want in there. On top of that, all the notes, and articles I research produce, can also be stored in one of the A4 books. The interscrews I bought (Eckersleys 85c each) go up to 25mm.

Prac_2 found here: new books new experiments

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