Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Picasso, paintbrushes and patience

In my post yesterday, I wrote about Picasso being an influence, so I wanted to print a mask of myself as a picasso mask... unlike Picasso's, my image came out fairly 'subdued', but its a good introduction into ideas of transformation - of self, of mask, of primitivism, and of technique....

I have wanted to try two colour printing for a while, so I used this opportunity to experiment... The yellow ochre is actually acrylic paint, because I haven't got another oil based colour in the studio (yet!!). I would like to say tho', that I really enjoyed the results with the prints being inaccurate on the two colour print

Using a paintbrush on the glass was really fun (image 1) - I've used everything but - so I think the results could be pretty fun here. Fantastic tonal and mark making variation. I used a synthetic hard smallish brush...

With the two colour print, I found trying to line up the negative shape with the new print quite difficult, next time I'll be a little more academic about it: possibly even use registration points!

I also found the oil over acrylic isn't drying, so hmmm...

Anyway, the outcome certainly came out better than I'd thought it would.

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