Thursday, October 28, 2010

Collagraph_Text, Multiples and Transformation of Meaning

Text in Art

Switching from woodcut to print is taking time, but I'm getting into it. I've started reading articles on text and use in art, and I realise that there are hundreds and thousands of approaches to text - meaning, symbolism, understanding etc. I think it's going to take a bit of time to get into producing collographs that will present an understanding/meaning in a way that appeals to me, if that makes sense.

I started off with some of the quotes I'd taken from the reference books I've been collecting. Words and phrases, such as 'I am not myself", or taking 2 words and putting them together to change their meaning, such as "age" + "permissions", which I thought were both suitable considering the mask is about keeping behind or revealing from behind a mask, and in most cultures, represents a social occasion, such as a 'rite of passage' (e.g. coming of age celebrations where a girl is accepted into the older female group through ritual).

The handwriting, gives a different meaning to the type, and even the speed of writing alters its possible meaning, as does the font... so many variations. Then, the image, or lack of image, suggests another whole new dimension... writting reversed has a different effect on the brain as well, so yes, no major breakthroughs here, just more conversational thought...

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