Saturday, October 9, 2010


And finally to colour. I've exhausted this direction for the moment, so I'm moving off it. The outcome was that colour isn't necessarily where I want to take the masks at present, however, a little colour here and there isn't a bad thing. I realise you have to print black last, but in some cases, I couldn't pass up the opportunity of printing over some of my older b&w works.

Interestingly, some of the shapes that came out of the prints inspired me to begin sketching these shapes and thinking about printing them. For example, turning the mask upside down, gave such great results in terms of form, that I began drawing what I saw immediately, as not to lose the image.

Anyway, back to colour... burnt umber, yellow and red... cadmium - too bright, but still great to mix and play with. The colours I chose, are reminiscent of childhood prints, textiles, masks and smells.

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