Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Woodcut Practial

With the excercise ahead, I've set out a few rules for myself on what I'm going to print.
I want to base woodcut on an image I have already printed - trying to keep the spontineity of original piece.

Work small - I've been enjoying the freedom of large expressive works, lets see how this translates to a smaller piece. Work on woodblock over a 8 hour working day... listening to a variety of music and record how this might change the work - music out of my 'comfort zone'.

The idea was to stop every 20 - 25 minutes and print... this should equall around 10-14 prints or so...

I wanted to think about varying colour and style and about how 'transformation' can be presented as final pieces.

Note to self: don't focus too much on rules, just have fun...

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