Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Collagraphs_Text, Multiples and Meaning_3

Plate 3 - my first go at text - I 'sealed' the collagraph with gesso, which helped later when I started experimenting with adding oil and water...
Lettering cut into a piece of cardboard with a corrugated board underneath – exposed in cut or torn areas.

I tried:

printing on brown paper – with loaded brayer (thickly printed)
printing on rice paper
printing on wettened rice paper
printing on white paper
printing onto white paper

Adding texture – this is far too obvious text for me, I prefer plate 7 or 8 for the hidden word... need to investigate..

I did a few legible prints and progressively 'deteriorated' the text...

Some of the artists I looked at (Mira Schor, , use text very clearly to show the message (whether it be political, social, personal etc.), and so for me, I am sort of torn by process vs. meaning.... I enjoy process rather than the 'overt statement'...

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