Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Printing_Multi-plates and Artist Book_1

I'm finally seeing myself clear of the text dilemma. I came to a few conclusions about thext in art, and so, at some stage, I'd really like to explore further...

I have been researching artsts books, books with text, artists who use a form of intuitive method of 'arriving' at their works. One major influence in the text works I finished up with (towards the end) was Henri Michaux... artist, poet and philosopher... (see Research Methods in Phenomenological Aesthetics by Merle Flannery, University of Florida)

All of these artists use text in some form in their work (although Dumas and Kandinsky not as much). I was attracted to their free line, spontaneous form and in the case of Michaux, his poetry. I came to the conclusion, that writing became a part of their art, it didn't stand out as 'text', so I used this theme in my collagraphs.

When I finally starting being a lot more free with the text, and the idea of the collagraph, (like Peter Marcus and Julie Gough's work) I realised that it's about the relief, and getting the idea across. This research then influenced my ideas for the artists book.

I have continued the theme of transformation of the mask and I think this is a theme that lends itself well to the book.

Images in order:

Wassily Kandinsky
Marlene Dumas
Jean Debuffet

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