Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Collagraphs_Text, Multiples and Meaning_9

During week three of my process, I reviewed my plates and found I was happy with the outcome of only one of my ideas. I had intended to incorporate into one plate the forms of text and texture, but found that the ideas were 'there', but the text was either too obvious for the idea of 'conceal and reveal', or there was little representation of the transformation of the mask.

My intention always was to communicate these ideas, and with the quality of the prints being more experimental, I decided to take elements of all of the experiments and put them into one plate that suggested the process was important as an intuitive, suggestive, concealing form. Ultimately, I found that the final collagraphs were more useful to represent the idea and carried on making more collagraphs based on the idea of the third.

I went back to Mira Schors work and the final collagraph I had made to see how I could continue to represent the mask as I had with the monoprints and woodcuts I had done in previous excercises.

My resolved multi-plate pieces:

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