Monday, January 10, 2011

Material and Conceptual Investigations_3

Materialty 1:
Process and Inspiration...

I have started looking through the artists I know as well as the artists recommended for inspiration, and I have also started diarising my thoughts on Space and Time. Hopefully over the course of this thread you'll get to see how my process evolves with this piece...

A few weeks ago I went out to a nature reserve. It was incredibly wet and humid. Now, the thing was I walked around the environment a bit, and was inspired by the textures and surfaces of everything... specifically, there was a type of red leaf across this area - in most cases there was one leaf for every square meter of ground. I gathered up as many leaves as I could in the space of two hours and have brought them home.

I realised something as I removed the object from its environment. In this natural surrounding it was unique, and vibrant. I've taken about 40 or so, and in a box on my work desk, they're no longer unique - they're part of a 'crowd' of natural objects... so my first reference there was back to my thoughts in my essay on Magdalena Abakanowiczs' 'crowd' analogy.

I was gathering the leaves, I thought of how man-made objects had found their way into the nature reserve, and presented a contrast of space and nature (my thoughts here are built urban environments vs. urban 'natural' environments). This again reminded me of some of the intentions of artists we'd investigated, and on a level of 'nature' others I'd investigated before - artists such as Andy Goldsworthy, Bob Verschueren and Lise Letoumeau.

I have many thoughts on how to bring my ideas of process into this. I am not specifically interested in a purely natural environmental slant, so I'll keep on thinking and writing, and see where this takes me....

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