Monday, January 10, 2011

Material and Conceptual Investigations_6

Materiality 2

TIME AND SPACE FOCUSSING ON CHANGE – relationships of teacup with its surrounds, surfaces, textures and colours.

Previous experiments – I enjoy projections and reflections, so I also incorporated rain and viewpoints where ever possible.

Inspirations – Do Ho Su, Dorothy Caldwell, Caroline Broadhead, Annette Seeman, Lucy Freud and Elaine Reichek
Choices of objects
– tea cup purchased in China Town during my living there for many years.

image 1 - inspiration

Thread – intertwined relationships, dependencies, communication and memories.

Rolled up Chinese papers – cut out from the China Town Gazette, a local paper for foreign Chinese immigrants.

Red vegetable dye – I tried paints, but didn't want to stain porcelain – I experimented with a few dyes and found a vegetable dye that I dripped into the cup over 3 days. I wanted to use this as a representation of time and change... it turned out on the day of the photo shoot, it was raining, so I just let the cup dye run and enjoyed the results.

Motivations – I am interested in my memories of my time in China Town – I am an immigrant myself, and it was the first time I lived in an area that is non-English speaking. I reveled in the anonymity of such a culture rich in traditions and sensory experiences.

China Town experiences:shopping, eating, smells, languages, grime, incense and money trees, porcelain and noodles, lucky fountains and seating, lamps and smiling faces.

Narrative – my experiences of living in China Town, the places I frequented, the pattern and textures I was inspired by. I love the rain, so I couldn't think of a better way to represent reflections than in a beautiful setting.

There's a thought about urban environments in there too, organized balance and traditional representations of a China that has been 'symbolized' in these small urban environments. I think many might find the idea as a sort of 'kitsch' representation of a rich culture, but I was inspired by the words of Elaine Reicheck, whose aim is to “take 'scientific' document s, made out of an “objective desire to record” - I was interested in her conversation with art as a means of representing the issues of “cultural identity” - this is an area I am interested in researching further.

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